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Committee Members 2016/2017

President: Jim Hegarty

Vice President Education: Theresa Hegarty

Vice President Membership: 

Vice President P.R.: Colm Breen

Secretary: Seamus Bane

Treasurer: Seamus Bane

Srg-at-arms: Rasmus Noeske

Fiona Cahill
Club President

I have been a member of Killaloe/Ballina Toastmasters for five years - I have held previous posts within the club of Vice President of Education and Secretary. 

We have a great club with members from a variety of backgrounds which add to a nice vibe!  In our club there is a strong emphasis on being supportive of one another with mutually positive feedback between members.  By giving and receiving positive feedback I personally think that rapport is established much more quickly.  

One of the aspects of Toastmasters that surprised me most was just how much fun the meetings are!  

Come along and join us and I promise - you won’t be disappointed!

Noel McGovern
Past Club President

Noel McGovern

I have been a member of Toastmasters for the past ten years and during that time I have gained from every meeting I've attended.

You don’t have to be a great speaker to join. All you need is a willingness to try something new and be prepared to learn along the way.

Do take that first step and come to a meeting. We all look forward to welcoming new members and you will find we are a friendly lot.

Kate Shannon

Kate Shannon

My name is Kate Shannon and I was club president for 2012/2013. I have been a member of Killaloe/Ballina Toastmasters for 3 years and I felt honoured, scared and excited (all at the one time!) to have held this office.

I joined our Club in 2009 because my son was getting married and I had to make a speech at his wedding. Without the help, encouragement and support of the club members, I would never have been able to make my ‘mother of the groom’ speech. 

Toastmasters is daunting at first but the more you participate and attend meetings the easier it gets. It is a great way to meet new people from many varied backgrounds. I recommend you join our club!

Fred Hollywood

Fred Hollywood

For me joining Toastmasters was a first step in improving my communication skills.

Over the years I was always happy enough to undergo additional education to further my career, yet like many others the area of public speaking was a challenge I avoided, until recently.

After one year of membership, increased confidence in public speaking has been of enormous benefit. Both in terms of my career and also socially the rewards have been evident.

Toastmasters is a welcoming and constructive environment in which I continue to feel challenged and rewarded.

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